'Drawing - A Starting Point'


An Exhibition of Drawings, Pastels and Monoprints



Geoff Morten






' I began working in my California studio in October 2003 by making a series of paintings which were intended to reflect the newness of my surroundings and re-evaluate the previous work which had been made in the UK, but it soon became apparent that more was to be gained through embarking on a period of intense drawing.


Every day I would make a large number of drawings and pin them on the studio wall arranging them into thematically related groups. As they developed a number of images and motifs kept recurring - hands, heads, tools, chairs and tables together with childhood memories of containers, (bread tins used for baking - my father was a baker).


If an image or group of images kept reappearing, almost in spite of themselves, they began to obsess me and I had to use them.


I liked the idea that these 'seemingly' new images were somehow close to my immediate experience. They had a certain authority and integrity which I could relate to and yet I needed to locate and construct a pictorial situation which would contain and contextualise them.’


Geoff Morten

April 2007


Drawings range in size from 11" x 18" to  20" x 16" using a variety of media including graphite, charcoal and ink.


 January 20th - February 18th 2018



Morten Gallery

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