'Print to Paint'


An new exhibition of paintings, monoprints and drawings


Geoff Morten 



November 4th - January 7th 2018
   Preview 1 - 4pm Saturday November 4th 2017



‘I am involved in the essentially, subjective, practice and studio based activity of painting - this activity is supported by printmaking and drawing as a means of sifting, testing and informing the large scale finished works.
These three activities, sometimes diverse, have become my established working studio practice.
I do not give them different values - more importantly they are an ongoing dialogue or series of conversations - A SET OF TOOLS which I employ to challenge, reconcile and value discoveries which are made in the work.
At various times there are specific tasks which need to be undertaken - to reinvent the work - and I employ strategies to both challenge, risk and progress the work.’

Geoff Morten - Notes on painting following ‘Two Lands ‘ Exhibition 1994