'The Physicality of Paint'


An exhibition of paintings


Geoff Morten


27th August – 25th September 2022



Oil paint dries slowly allowing the artist to move the paint around the canvas or board. with fingers,

brush or palette knife. It can be scraped off to reveal layers of previously created images which

may or may not be significant in the memories triggered.


The surface can be scratched through as with an etching or drawing allowing different modes of

expression and the paint can be thinned to the consistency of watercolour allowing it to flow or

dribble in different directions.


Geoff’s work contains all of these elements in his sheer joy and exuberance in his handling of the

material and must be seen at close quarters for the viewer to experience the qualities and beauty

of the surfaces.


Jenny Morten 2022


Geoff Morten ‘Throne’ 152 x 121 cm. oil on canvas
Geoff Morten ‘Throne’ 152 x 121 cm. oil on canvas