Geoff Morten 1947 - 2009

Geoff Morten was a British painter and printmaker trained at the Royal College of Art in London where he received a Masters degree in Fine Art. He exhibited throughout the world and lectured in Universities and Art Schools in England, Europe and the USA.


His work occupies an area between figuration and abstraction and the use of a personal symbolic narrative which takes place within psychologically highly charged pictorial spaces.


He said,  “I find myself in a succession of roles, the things that are a part of my daily life have become the vehicles which I can use to express what I feel about myself and my experience, through painting.

A room, a chair, a table, a box of objects, the hands, the figures are amongst the ubiquitous elements in the theatre of life through which everyone passes.

They are the fragments of life which consciously or unconsciously affect us and, at times, enable us to trigger, remember and make deeper significant connections”.